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Join the Just Eat Takeaway team for a rewarding, flexible, and enjoyable job. Discover the perks of working here and learn how to apply. Find all the opportunities waiting for you!

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Experience the thrill of working at Just Eat Takeaway

Have you ever spotted those friendly cyclists in their vibrant orange jackets, delivering food in your neighborhood? Or perhaps you’re already a regular customer of Just Eat Take away, also known as Thuisbezorgd. Of course, receiving food when you no longer feel like cooking is a delight. But what if you could put this smile on the customer’s face by yourself. At Just Eat Takeaway, you have the freedom to determine your own schedule, enjoy working outdoors and receive extra incentives on top of your salary.

Why is a job at Just Eat Takeaway the perfect fit for you?

We offer an active and engaging job that opens doors for you to explore the city and discover its hidden culinary gems. Joining the team means becoming part of a diverse groep of colleagues in a friendly and international work environment. Enjoy the freedom and flexibility to create your own working schedule, enabling you to strike a perfect work-life balance. To create a stress-free work environment we ensure you are paid hourly, eliminating the pressure of meeting order quotas.

What does a workday at Just Eat Takeaway look like?

Get ready for an adventure as a meal deliverer at Just Eat Takeaway! Picture yourself cruising through the city on your bike, delivering food orders to hungry customers. With the app on your phone as your guide, effortlessly navigate to the restaurant to pick up the orders. And hey, while you're waiting, why not take a quick social media break or engage in lively banter with your fellow colleagues who are just as eager for their orders? Once you've got the goods, it's time to hop back on your bike and hit the road! Soak up the glorious sun and relish the sights of the city. When you knock on the customer's door, their excitement becomes infectious. Now, are you ready for the next thrilling order?

An incredible team to work with

Joining means becoming part of an open and informal atmosphere. As a bicycle courier, you'll be surrounded by a fantastic group of colleagues. They come from various backgrounds—students, individuals on a gap year, entrepreneurs, and those looking to integrate into the Netherlands. There are plenty of opportunities to connect with your teammates, whether at the hubs or during regular meet-ups at the restaurants where you wait for orders. Everyone is warmly welcomed into the big orange family.